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About Us

Bluewasp Web Solutions have been producing websites since the year 2000, with our foundations established after years in the IT business.

We are based in Rainham, in the Medway Towns, Kent. We try to specialise in just website development, website design and hosting.

Bluewasp is a small business, so we understand that your business may have budget restrictions and high demands.

All our products have a set price so there are no surprises. Get in touch to see how we can help you build your online status.

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation for Kent and Medway
  • Web design and development in Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham and Strood (Medway) - now with SEO Packages
  • Website design for Medway and Kent - SEO, hosting and email provider

If you already have a site and are happy with it, then why not keep it.  Bluewasp Web Solutions can take the hassle of keeping your existing website up to date. Just Contact Us to discuss how we can keep your site fresh and relevant.

There are many reasons why you need to keep your site updated.

  • Maybe you have some new news to add, or additions to your product range?
  • Adding content regularly to your site will encourage visitors to come back to see what's new. 
  • A site that routinely updates creative new content, text, graphics or images, will build the traffic of repeat visitors. 
  • And a constantly updated site will rank better on Search Engines than those with static, stale content.
  • We can also add new features to your website, maybe a photo gallery or a new logo design.

Price List for Amendments and Updates to Websites

ADHOC - £25 per hour -  it is usually possible to make about half a dozen text/article changes or upload 10 new photographs to a website within an hour.

The first hour is fully chargeable, but is charged at 15 minutes intervals after that. It is recommended that you group together amendments.

Monthly options are based on regular monthly invoicing and payments. The minimum period required is 3 months. Options can be upgraded or downgraded as required for each month.

MONTHLY 1 - £25 per calendar month - Unlimited updates but they must be submitted in batch and no more than one batch per week.

Updates will be carried out within 72 hours of submission (working days only) Updates and Maintenance applies to existing pages on the website, i.e. changing / adding text or images.

MONTHLY 2 - £35 per calendar month as MONTHLY 1 but includes the creation of new pages and additions to navigation/menu.

MONTHLY 3 - £50 per calendar month as MONTHLY 2 but allowed one submission per day and includes uploading new photographs and descriptions to a gallery. May also include moderation on guestbooks and small forums.

The above is meant as a guide, packages can be tailored specifically to suit clients needs. All options are subject to a fair usage policy.

The Web World changes at a very fast pace. Sites that looked cutting edge 2 years ago could quickly look outdated. Often redesigning a website is not as simple as giving it a new look, the integrity of the site has to be maintained. Your users might be used to its functionality, may have bookmarks setup in their browsers for specific sections of your site and your Google rating might already be doing well. Suddenly changing the whole site could jeopardise all that hard work you have already done, so a redesign needs to be managed correctly.

However the process is a simpler one than starting from scratch, and has many benefits.

  • Customers will see you as a fast moving business that is keen to promote itself.
  • A redesign is usually quicker than a new build site.
  • Usually cheaper, especially if your site is already based on a CMS

That said, if your site is built on older technology, a complete restart may be the best option, but with a managed transition.

Contact Us if you have any questions about the process or need further information.

Chances are when you first looked at the Internet, web pages were just static i.e. they were built with straight HTML and some coding geek had to delve into it to make any changes. He would make the changes then upload the new page onto the server.

When Content Management Systems (CMS) came along, things changes. A CMS is generated dynamically, typically from a database. The geeky programming is kept separate from the content, and may also be separate from the design of the site. Your content, i.e. the information you want to display, is stored in that database, and pages simply talk to one another and the server serves up the correct page loaded with the correct content, depending on what page the user clicked on. When you want to make an update, you log in, and amend the page. The edits are sent to the database and instantly populated on your website.

A CMS comes into its own with any site that has multiple pages. Imagine having a site with 50 pages, all requiring an update. Managing them with geeky programming would be a long task, then copying them onto the server. And what's more is that its a task that can be performed by anyone with some basic knowledge. If you can type a letter on a computer you should be OK with a CMS, A CMS provides the ability to make the changes from your computer anywhere by using a browser to access the “back-door” to your CMS. So, now when you travel or want to work from your laptop, or need someone to make the change for you, you just log in to your CMS and make your changes.

Content management systems optimize your content for search engine results, which means you are more likely to receive a better ranking from Google, simply because you have a content management system attached to your site. A CMS can also handle the formatting of your site, to display effectively on a mobile device. You may not think that is important but how many sites do you look at on your mobile phone or ipad?

Sometimes you want to work on adding a new page to your site but you’re not quite ready to publish it. A content management system allows you to work on a page in “draft” mode and publish whenever you’re ready.

And another great thing about the CMS is that it is template based. Now when you were looking for a web designer you may have heard templates were bad. That's not strictly true, there are many sites that sell pre-made templates, which give a fast and professional look to a website. However these template are available to purchase by everyone else, so your site may end up looking the same as a competitor in the next town, or worse still next door. But we create unique templates for each site. In several years time if you feel your site looks outdated (its a fast paced web-world!) you don't have to create a new site. All the content is already there, you just need a new template to restyle what you have already.

So with all that in mind, you can see that a CMS is a good idea, even if you only want a 5 page website now. You will be able to upgrade it yourself for little or no cost if your business expands.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to Contact Us